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Welcome to Universal Trucker

All About Universal Trucker

What is Universal Trucker?.

Designed for the Modern Trucking Industry

          Universal Trucker is a web site designed for the modern day truck driver. Truck drivers are the backbone of our economy, and it is because of their dedication, sacrifice, and hard work that the pages of this web site were inspired. If you're a truck driver, or in the transportayion industry, we've created a place for you to get all the industry news you can handle, games that are designed to keep your mind sharp and focused, a place where you can look for a new job, a new truck, find a school. You can even check up on regional fuel prices which are lifted, "live", directly from the "U.S. Energy Information Administration" web site.
          However, our greatest achievement is our new "Social Network". We can link drivers to companies, owner operators to loads and connect drivers to their families. No other industry web site does that.

Linking the Industry Directly to the Driver's Concerns

          As a trucker, the most immediate place you really have to broadcast what is on your mind these days is on the CB radio. But who in the industry is listening there? Over half the truckers on the road today, who have a CB, don't even have it turned on. You may as well buy a jumbo "Big Gulp", dump it out, and talk into the cup. You can hear yourself just fine, but nobody's listening.
          Then there are trucker forums, but they are a dime a dozen. There are so many of them these days that nobody with any distinction pays any attention to them. You may as well yell over the CB. You get the same effect
          Then there is Facebook. The super network of millions, even billions, of people in a mega conglomeration of who knows what. The only problem with Facebook is that you are drowned out by millions of other voices crying out in the vast wilderness across cyber space. The same is true for Twitter and all the other social web sites out there who will let anyone who can operate a keyboard climb onto their web site and say anything they want to get attention. That's all well and good, because we , at Universal Trucker, believe in free speech.
          However, we here at Universal Trucker, are transportation industry oriented. What that means is we are like Facebook for the transportation industry. Imagine a Facebook social site where everyone on it is in some way linked to the trucking industry. That, my friends, is powerful stuff. Now there is a place where your voice can, and will, be heard by those who are the movers and shakers in the transportation world. Now you have a direct link to those who are the decision makers in "our world".

Keeping Drivers and Families Connected and Together In Our Social Network

         Go ahead and check out our new Social Network. Sign up today and get 1000 points! (Premium Membership 2000 points!) Use your points to give gifts and post Classified ads. Once you're a member, you can head on over to the game room and play the FREE scratch off tickets and scratch for cash prizes and other neat stuff. And the best thing about it is, it's all absolutely FREE!.
          This is a great place for trucker's spouses also. Trucker widows (and widowers) can connect in the chat rooms and and discuss what's on their mind, let off a little steam, or just chat with another trucker spouse with similar interests from a thousand miles away. Hopefully we can all get together and even save some marriages, or if you are not married, maybe even introduce you to your next mate and life partner.
         Yes, here at Universal Trucker, you will find many resources to help you in your trucking career. So tell all your friends, get your spouse involved. Don't let another day go by without getting connected to what is destined to be the fastest growing trucker's site on the planet. In our industry, things are changing fast so don't get left behind. Keep up with the transportation world, here, at Universal Trucker. And have fun doing it.

          Universal Trucker is the place where a driver can leave his (or her) mark on the world. Here is a place that drivers have been waiting for. This is the web site for truckers, by truckers.

          Hope to see you in the chat room!

           Thank you, and be safe.

          J. L. Page
         aka girlup